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The League is a multiplier of potential.

A super-spreader of contagious passion.

It's where your best just gets better.


It's where Creators come to play, train, and learn; where they are tested and challenged, emerging as the very best of themselves.

The League is a global organization designed to empower the entrepreneurial spirit and fuel the passion of Creators.


Experience immersive environments and mind-bending collaboration experiments that provoke the entrepreneurial spirit.  Plus, our international events will inspire extraordinary content and powerful perspectives.

League of Creators home page
League of Creators home page
League of Creators home page
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 Influencers & Digital Brands 
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 Writers & Bloggers 
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 Digital Art & Products 
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 Coaches & Trainers 
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The League welcomes anyone involved in the Creator Economy - creators, fans, industry & curious minds.


Your potential is not what you thought.  It's bigger.

Whether you’re just getting started, or a trend-setting pioneer, the League will introduce you to innovative  collaboration experiences, international events, a global marketplace for brand deals,

...and that's just the beginning.


Stretch your thinking, expand your ambitions, and discover your true potential.



For companies and investors that empower the Creator Economy.

Explore the factors shaping this nascent industry; gain market insights and spot trends as they emerge.


Connect directly with creators themselves and learn through first-hand engagement; test your ideas, product features or services to get rapid feedback.

League of Creators for Industry
 Angel Investors &  Venture Capitalists 
League of Creators for Industry
League of Creators for Industry
 Project &  Management Teams 
League of Creators for Industry
League of Creators for Industry
 Professionals  Services 
League of Creators for Industry
 Curious Minds 

Let's do this together.

Do you have ideas, insights, or expertise you'd like to share?  Submit a proposal for a Masterclass, Live Workshop, Event, or Written contribution. Learn more about our Call for Proposals.



Creators are faced with unlimited potential... if you know what to do, where to look, and how it works.

Imagine the boundless creativity and daring innovation that results when bold ideas meet informed, passionate people. Think of the possibilities that unfold when insights and expertise are sourced globally, unrestricted and highly organized. Consider the surge in commerce and creativity when creators of various disciplines collide.  


Come face-to-face with the broader universe of creators and meet your untold potential.

League of Creators home page


Not yet a Creator, but thinking of getting started?

You might be familiar with the term "Creator" but unsure what that means and how it applies to you.

Whether you're looking to get started as a Creator, or just curious about what it takes and how it all works, we've got a fun program that covers the basics and even offers an easy path to trying on the Creator work life - let's see if it fits?

Join the Venture League for free and get a taste of Creatorship.