League of Creators
League of Creators




We're looking for intelligent perspectives, bold ideas, and the rarest of insights that come as the result of long battles and gritty victories.

The League will host members ranging from online amateurs to digital pioneers.   Our audience is broad, ranging from creators to private and institutional investors; from entrepreneurs to service providers.  

If you have something worth sharing, we've got a platform to put you in front of the right audience. Please take the time to review the information below before making a submission.

League of Creators
League of Creators
Things to know before submitting a proposal.

Opportunities include a variety of online and in-person speaking, events, and workshop engagements, as well as written contributions. Please carefully review the Submission Guide below before making a submission.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Open until filled.

Before making a submission:

   1.   Carefully review the information below.

   2.  Use the Sample Form (not available on mobile devices) to draft your proposal.

   3.  Partial submissions cannot be saved online.

   4.  All submissions must be made online.

Due to the volume of submissions, it may take up to 8 weeks to receive a response.  Accepted submissions will be sent a formal agreement and content guidelines.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

League of Creators

As you create your proposal, please consider the following topics, which are focus areas for the League's various programs. Proposals may address more than one area. The example topics noted below are intended to help you develop/plan, but we welcome and encourage additional ideas as well.


Business (models, strategies, case studies, etc.)

Business Operations

Creator Collaborations

Creativity & Innovation


Finance (business and personal)

Human Capital (hiring, firing, management, etc.)

International Markets & Opportunities


Learning & Development


Market and Economic Overviews (trends, )

Marketing & Communications

Personal Skills & Lifestyle


Technology (advancements, implications, use cases, etc.)

We are looking for fresh ideas, intelligent perspectives and value-added content.  Please avoid any sales pitches or self-promotion beyond what's reasonably required.

This is a great opportunity to position yourself as a subject-matter-expert or thought-leader.  In other words, let the value you deliver speak for itself.  You'll gain plenty of exposure and have the opportunity to make your brand visible and more compelling through a value-oriented narrative.


We are currently accepting proposals for the following Program Formats:



Minimum 20 minutes. Maximum 60 minutes.


Individual instructor, or up to two (2) instructors per masterclass.

Masterclass segments must be pre-recorded using high-quality digital video or audio equipment. Instructors are responsible for filming their own Masterclass.  We will not be able to accept material recorded with webcams or mobile devices.


A masterclass can be specialized in terms of the topic (for example, "Effective Marketing Campaigns

Using Social Media"), or can be targeted to specific groups (for example, "Optimizing Community Groups for Online Course Creators").



Minimum 45 minutes. Maximum 90 minutes.


Workshops will be live and hosted by the you, the instructor (that is, the venue or platform, is the responsibility of the instructor).  If it is safe to do so, you may host an in-person workshop that we will promote to members.  You may also choose to host a live workshop online on a platform of your choice (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).  


If your proposed workshop is selected, The League will offer the workshop as part of the program and promote the date/time and instructor profile(s).  We will also include a link for attendees to join your workshop.  You may create a workshop registration page to capture attendee information.  You may also consider offering this workshop multiple times in order to accommodate the different time zones of our members.


Workshops involve either an interactive component between the instructor(s) and participants, and/or between the participants themselves.  For virtual live workshops, this may take the form of live chats, online whiteboards, virtual rooms, etc.  Please let us know if you need help identifying platforms or tools to make your workshop engaging.


Workshops can be specialized in terms of the topic (for example, "Social Marketing Campaigns: From Idea

to Launch"), or can be targeted to specific groups (for example, "Advanced Lighting & Sound Techniques for Video Creators").



Works of various kinds are being accepted for review, including articles, e-books, white papers, and case studies.


Written contributions must focus on value-added content for either Creators or Industry participants.  Some examples include identifying macro-economic trends, analysis of specific technological impacts, insights into niche market behavior, etc.  Please refrain from sales-oriented content, pitches, or opinion pieces.  



Both virtual and in-person event proposals are welcome.  During the pandemic, we hesitate to promote large international gatherings.  However, we look forward to your ideas and proposed events.


Events must offer a primary aspect of educational content and interactive collaboration opportunities.  Ideally, events include some social engagement and networking.  While events are limited due to the pandemic, we recognize they take considerable time to plan and execute.  Feel free to send us your ideas so we can plan for the future.

League of Creators

Boost your profile and become recognized as a global subject-matter expert.

We do not offer monetary compensation for speakers, writer or event planners.


However, with the broad audience and marketing initiatives, we do expect to bring you plenty of attention to grow your following, audience and influence.  

Moreover, we can make sure to put you in front of your desired audience by placing you in the right tier and in the right format.

League of Creators

Review the Sample Form below to prepare your submission.  The below is Read Only (for preparation purposes only). 

League of Creators
League of Creators
League of Creators
League of Creators
League of Creators
League of Creators




To submit a proposal, please begin the online form here: