League of Creators


Professional sports offers a framework for how the League of Creators is structured.

The League is divided into two tiers based on your level of experience and comfort.


The Venture League is our "Minor League" if you will.  The objective is to help new creators get started and existing creators learn new disciplines/channels.


The Creator League is our "Major League" and offers programs and events that focus on growth and lifestyle.


You decide which league you want to join.  You can move up, or down a league, or participate in both leagues at the same time.  The choice is yours.

Venture League by League of Creators

Tier 2 

Designed for those looking to learn and launch.

Creator League by League of Creators

Tier 1

For experienced creators looking to grow.


The League offers powerful programs, international events, extraordinary collaboration opportunities and brand marketplaces.

Every tier offers extraordinary experiences curated to your learning and growth needs. Click on some of the examples below for details.


The League's website and app will open the door to opportunity.

League of Creators mobile app

Access all the League has to offer, including programs and events  (both in-person and online)  through the League's website and app.

League of Creators app
League of Creators app
League of Creators app
League of Creators


As the world opens up, we'll begin hosting live events, workshops and more.

From large scale festivals and conferences, to intimate workshops and social events, the League will work with global partners to host highly experiential and powerful member events.

League of Creators virtual events
League of Creators in-person events